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Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy

December 8, 2015 – November 20, 2016





Bishop Rober Vasa enters through the Jubilee Door   at St. Eugene Cathedral Parish before celebrating the Liturgy for   the Feast   of the Immaculate Conception.







Superintendent Position Open


Position Open

The Diocese of Santa Rosa is seeking candidates for the position of Diocesan Superintendent of Schools.  This position comes open on July 1, 2016

Reporting Requirements

The Superintendent reports to the Bishop of the Diocese.

Desirable Qualities in a Candidate

A viable candidate for this position is a practicing Catholic (i.e., regular Sunday Mass participant, registered in a parish, knowledgeable/observant of Church teachings), generous with time and talent, relationally disposed, skilled at oral and written communications, technologically literate, organized, conscientious, collaborative, a lover of learning, truthful, objective, impartial, prudent, circumspect, merciful, possessed of a sense of humor, and aware of her/his shortcomings.

Desirable Experiences of a Candidate

A viable candidate for this position will have had experiences as a teacher for a minimum of five years and as a school administrator—a principal or president—for not less than five years.  A Catholic school context for these experiences is highly favored.  To have had experiences at both levels—high school and elementary school—is a plus, as is Spanish-language facility.

Professional Degrees

A masters degree is a minimum requirement; such a degree in Catholic school leadership is highly favored.  A credential (license) in administration is, of course, well received as a benchmark of professionalism.

How to establish one’s Candidacy

Interested candidates must submit a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, evidence of degrees obtained, and the names of three references one of whom is a diocesan priest or Religious. Also required is completion of the “Superintendent’s Application”—which can be accessed below.  Send all materials in pdf no later than January 29, 2016 to (attention Sister Mary Rose Mank).


Superintendent Application

Catholic School Information for Applicant

Superintendent Position Description