Catholic Schools


We are grateful for your interest and eager to share the good news that quality education is alive and well in the 15 Catholic schools of the Diocese of Santa Rosa. In the pages that follow you will find information sufficient to your purpose in contacting us.

To Parents

You are first in time and in significance in providing an education for your daughters and sons. You need to connect with a trusted educational partner. We — the Catholic schools — are such a partner. We commit to you and your child, enabling the maximum development of all the God-given capacities within the child . . .  Will you join us?

To Educators

Teaching in the Catholic schools of the diocese is not simply a job, it is a vocational experience. The work is a gift from God, the response to which entails both professional expertise and personal integrity . . .  Are you called to the work of Catholic school education in the diocese?

To Benefactors (Thank You to ISC Sponsors re: Scholarships!)

Catholic schools are worthy of your support. The educational quality of the schools is second to none. Moreover, the careful management of school resources fosters confidence among all the parties who support a Catholic school . . .  Will you invest in us?  (Click here to see a list of those who did--regarding the Golf Outing (ISC).)

To Others

Perhaps you desire to gain a better sense of the success of our schools. Perhaps it is general information that you seek. Whatever your impulse, find in these pages evidence of a sound system of education . . .  Will your interest move you further in our direction?