May the Lord bless and reward all those who support Catholic education.

The Department of Catholic Schools is grateful for support shown to any of the 15 Catholic schools of the Diocese.  This support takes the forms of prayer, service, and finances.  A person who supports our schools in one of these ways is a benefactor, for whom we offer daily prayers.   

Any kind of prayer—for a Catholic school or a person in the school or a school event—is sure to find a favorable hearing with God.  One veteran Religious who administered a Catholic high school used to pray as follows: Lord, send the students you want us to love and educate, send the teachers who will do this, and send the money by which to afford it.

A parent who enrolls a child in a Catholic school understands the need to give service to the school, so as to help make up the difference between the tuition that is charged and the actual cost of educating the parent’s child.  One need not be a parent of a student in order to give service to a Catholic school.  For example, some older persons who are retired are active in the schools as tutors.

A financial gift in support of a school is always welcome whether the amount is large or small.  There are many financial opportunities that a school presents to benefactors:  donate to its annual appeal; patronize a fundraising event; fund a scholarship for a deserving student; contribute to the school’s capital improvement campaign.

[Information about any one of the 15 Catholic schools is available on this website.]



Financial support shown to the Catholic schools of the Diocese in general is of two kinds:  (a contribution to)  (1) the Aquinas Fund that provides scholarships for needy students; and (2) the Annual Ministries Appeal of the Diocese, in the name of Catholic Schools.   

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Some Salient Data regarding Finances and the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Santa Rosa

  1. The average tuition cost at the elementary school level in the most recent year is $5,900 whereas the actual cost of educating an elementary school student is $7,415.
  2. The average tuition cost at the high school level is $13,100 whereas the actual cost of educating a high school student is $14,958.


Did You know . .

. . . that Catholic Church (canon) law teaches that the government is bound in justice to give financial support to parents who choose a Catholic school for their child?  To wit, Canon 797:  “Civil society [must] acknowledge this freedom for parents [to select a Catholic school] and also safeguard it with its resources in accord with distributive justice.”  Unfortunately for Catholic schools, our government pays no attention to this responsibility.