Bishop’s Homily for the Mass of 12 March 2014

Bishop’s Homily for the Mass of 12 March 2014. Readings Jonah 3:1-10; Ps. 51; Luke
             On Wednesday at his Mass, Bishop Robert F. Vasa reflected on the choice presented to the Ninevites in the First Reading, which was taken from Jonah 3:1-10. It relates how God told Jonah to prophesize that if they did not repent within 40 days, “Nineveh shall be destroyed.”
             The Ninevites, Vasa said, were presented with “a dire choice: repentance or destruction.” The Ninevites, the bishop observed, received no middle ground between these two options. They had to choose one or the other.
             Drawing on Psalm 51, also taken from the day’s readings, he then noted we are called to have contrition, for “a contrite and humbled heart You will not spurn.”
             “Contrite,” he continued, “does not admit of degrees.” Therefore, “strive to be humble and contrite of heart so that we may avoid the loss of that which matters: Eternal life.”