"From The Bishop" - Column for January 2016 NCC

January 1, 2016

No Element of Abortion Aligns With Mercy The date of January 22 is a stark reminder for me of the prevalence of the taking of the lives of pre-born children in our country.
            In 2004 I had the opportunity and the privilege to attend a special retreat which confirmed for me the devastating nature of abortion. The Retreat is known as a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat and is a part of the general abortion healing ministry of the Church, known as Project Rachel. We know that every abortion takes the life of an innocent human being. Many also know that abortion is horribly destructive to the life of the woman who chooses or endures it. The Retreat is specifically designed to help post-abortive women begin to come to terms with the destructive nature of unresolved and sometimes even unrecognized grief in their lives.  The ‘abortion mentality’ with which we live relies on the continuation of the denial of post-abortive grief.  Big tobacco relied on a continued denial of the habituating nature of nicotine and their knowledge of its cancerous connections.  So also the abortion industry thrives on the denial of the reality of a mother’s grief. This denial becomes the only acceptable and ‘politically correct’ response to post-abortive distress.

            The denial by the abortion industry is seriously malicious.  Initially the denial centered on the reality of the baby; just a ‘mass’ of undifferentiated cells they boldly claimed. When this ’denial’ could be sustained no longer the anti-life forces moved to a different denial. Yes, they acknowledge there is a vague human form but not humanity or any living human being. When scientific evidence revealed that pre-born children actually experience pain then the emphasis turned to false compassion for the well-being of the mother.  Yes, they would say, abortion is a terrible thing, it is taking the life of the child, we may need to anesthetize the child to keep ‘it’ pain-free, but it is still best for the mother.  The other ‘denials’ of the abortion industry are false and so is the claim that it is ‘best’ for the mother. Abortion is never the ‘best’ for anyone!

            The women who come to Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats do not necessarily connect their various continued life traumas to their respective abortions but they know that something in their lives is ‘not right’.  The book, Forbidden Grief talks about the various manifestations of this unresolved grief. Many of the signs are clearly evident in the women who come to the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats; disrupted marital relationships, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, shame and guilt.  The inability to recognize that these things could be connected to a past abortion keeps many women from understanding the root of their various debilities. Their denial prevents healing. The pro-life sign: ‘Abortion hurts women’ is true. The women making the Retreat and those who walk with them know without a hint of doubt that it is absolutely true: Abortion does hurt women! 

            In this Year of Mercy, become better informed about the destructive aspects of abortion. Sign the Initiative Petition requiring Parental Consent for Minors to go through abortions. Vote for those candidates who support Pro-Life causes. Read Forbidden Grief. Support Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats. Attend the January 23 West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco. Pray for an end of the scourge of abortion in our land.

            No element of abortion aligns with Mercy.                 










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