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Was Led by  Deacon Frank and Mary Chavez

It was entitled

The Joy of the Gospel

When’s the last time you danced?


In the spirit of Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel, it focused on

·  the joy of being a child of a merciful God

·  the joy of living as a sacramental couple in the Sacrament of Matrimony

                  (or as a single person called to live their baptism)

·  the joy of the diaconate by taking the grace of the altar to the streets and the needs of the people to the altar

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Editor note: Charlie was ordained in the Santa Rosa Diocese in 2000, but left the diocese because of work.

We greatly enjoyed being with all the deacons from the Santa Rosa Diocese, especially those who we were ordained with, and meeting the newer deacon couples. Our retreat masters were very good and made the experience meaningful and enjoyable.

I retired in 2010 and we moved to La Quinta, California near Palm Springs because of Judy's issues with arthritis as the damp of the bay area did not help. I was incardinated in the Diocese of San Bernardino upon moving here. Since then we have kept busy raising our two granddaughters whom we adopted in 2006 and serving as deacon at Sacred Heart Church in Palm Desert. Shortly after I arrived the bishop asked me to serve as interim parish administrative manager for the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in near by Mecca (serving farm workers) until a pastor could be appointed. This lasted 6 months. Following this I assumed my service at Sacred Heart where I filled several roles including teaching in the RCIA program, counseling the children at our parish school, and handling annulment cases in addition to my liturgical functions. Although still very active in my ministry, I am officially now a retired deacon as I have reached my 76th year of life. Judy spends her time taking care of me and the two granddaughters (ages 14 and 13 now) but is no longer involved in active parish ministry.

Health wise, we are okay right now, though slowing down a bit. It has not been so the past eight years, but they tell it has something to do with aging.





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