Share Your Story

Have you ever been inspired or encouraged by hearing someone share when something good has happened? As Christian’s we hold a treasure – knowledge of Jesus. As disciples of Christ, we’ve been asked to share the Gospel with the whole world. One way we can share is by telling our story – our journey with Christ. Whether you are a convert to Catholicism, a revert (one who grew up with the faith, left and returned) or whether you have always remained in the faith, others can be impacted by your story. Your team at the North Coast Catholic wants to hear about your stories, and we hope you will let us share them with our readers. We talked about how to go about the gathering process, and we came up with, what we think, is a great first step. Here is an ‘online’ form that you can use to answer any or all of these questions, upload a photo, and submit it for publication in one of the upcoming North Coast Catholic Papers. Just look for the “Tell Your Story” logo. (You may share anonymously or not)